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Marijuana Arrest Information

Can it get any more ridiculas? The jails are overcrowded and the policy is to just keep locking them up. I have a client that was growing some weed in his house for his personal use. The cops claim that they got an anonymous tip and raided the house. They found a total of 8 plants. They claim that 8 plants weighed 39 pounds. That is almost 5 pounds per plant. The problem here is that if the marijuana weighs over 25 lbs, then the law calls for a 3 year minimum mandatory sentence in prison. And we are not talking about dry harvested marijuana, we are talking about the entire wet plant. In Dade County, you get hit with the entire wet plant, in St. Lucie, you get the benefit of them drying it out. So two people in different parts of the state get much different sentences for the same amount of marijuana.

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