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The web news have been abuzz with rumors of a grass-roots rebellion against the new “advanced imaging technology” being employed by the TSA throughout the airport system of the United States.   There is even some talk of an ill-advised Thanksgiving x-ray boycott which would only create long delays and inconvenience for all airport passengers.

As a traveler in a world of random “hate crimes” against the U.S. and its allies, crimes also known in the aggregate as “terrorism,” I will feel much safer flying with the advent of this technology.  However, I am also deeply troubled and saddened by the end of the “free society” that we enjoyed not too long ago.

In a world of hard-core martyrs who might be willing to “keyster” (as rectal contraband smuggling is better known in hard-core penitentiaries) plastic explosives and blow themselves up along with hundreds of other innocent passengers (in a possible post-9/11 scenario), I appreciate the importance of being a “grown-up” about it and embracing technology that helps save human life.  Nevertheless, the fabric of a truly free society is being torn asunder by unstoppable advances in science and technology.

“Boycotts” against technology are not the answer and are futile in the relentless, long-term future of greater technological advances.  In the end, it will all boil down to circumscribing the boundaries of permissible use of this new x-ray technology and strictly enforcing the governing regulations. Preferably, an Act of Congress will intervene after plenary hearings on the privacy and highly nuanced political implications.

In the meantime, feast your eyes on this “advanced imaging technology” (AIT) snapshot.  It could be your family under the government scope. Think about it… like a “grown up,” and keep in mind that the future stops for nobody.  My issues are health and privacy tempered with reality.

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