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Florida Criminal Defense Lawyers

At Manto & Kassebaum, LLP, we focus our legal practice on helping individuals who have been accused, charged, or arrested of a crime. With over 35 years collective experience, the legal team at Manto & Kassebaum, provides aggressive criminal defense to those under investigation or prosecution for state or federal offenses.  Led by attorneys Ronald Manto and Kristi Kassebaum, the staff of attorneys, investigators, researchers and administrators is committed to professional and reliable results adhering to the highest ethical standards.

If you, or someone you know, needs practical legal advice from an experienced and professional team of criminal defense trial attorneys, let us help you. The hiring of a criminal defense attorney is an extremely important decision, your future, or that of your loved one, depends on the abilities of the lawyer you hire. It behooves you to retain an experienced attorney.  At Manto & Kassebaum, LLP we stand ready to assist you and put our many years of criminal defense experience to work for you.

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